Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mobile phones taking over the world

Home entertainment system in your mobile device, is that possible? This seems to be what Andrew White and Will Iredale ask in Times Online article.

Super mobile phones seem to grab the title in fight for the gadget supremacy. In Oxford there is a project launching that will broadcast live television for mobile phones that will be a package of 16 channels.

According to the writers, this is just the latest move in the development of mobile phones towards situation where mobile phones could dominate the consumer market on the high tech field. Name of Nokia comes up in most of the other examples.

Article suggests that most people will continue to use talking and messaging as their primary mobile phone services. Expensive phone will be above all a status symbol, but there are also those who will use all the new services extensively.

As a personal comment, I would say that mobile phones are indeed becoming kings on the gadget hill. This is because the base of mobile phones is very extensive and easy to upgrade. People are familiar with different user interfaces of the basic models and it is then easy to go upscale market from there. In a sentence, everybody needs a mobile phone. From this statement it is easy to reach point where the phone is modified to meet the needs of different user groups, instead of people having to go through the hassle of carrying several gadgets with them to suit for different situations. Our dear Nokia still has plenty of room to grow.


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