Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nokia Intellisync acquisition

Nokia announced that it will buy mobile e-mail software company – Intellisync. Nokia uses its abundant cash reserves for this purchase and investors are going to be pleased as Nokia has more innovative use than just extra dividends.

Nokia hasn’t been shopping around, and company has been almost notorious because of its persistent organic growth. It was possible because on its field, Nokia can set the pace of the industry, hence no need to buy any extra weight. This deal happens on quite different ground than mobile devices. Well, on paper they are buying mobile e-mail solution for various mobile devices, but actually they are buying inroads to different enterprise gateways.

Some companies are running on Windows, some on Linux, some on Solaris, some on Unix, some on Apple... you get the picture. It was a nightmare for Nokia to meet mobility needs of such various operational settings. Now they are able to use Intellisync as a gateway and they don’t have to worry about end user mobile terminals. Nokia is grasping enterprise market with this move – a market where it wasn’t able to introduce Nokia mobile phone as an industry standard.


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