Monday, October 24, 2005

Nokia L'Amour!

Let me introduce you the Nokia L'Amour Collection...
Nokia 7360

Nokia 7370

Nokia 7380

Now we got that out of our system. Don’t they just look nice and arithmetic, but who can keep up with all these model numbers? Mark my words auto industry experience is going to be very handy here. Once upon time there were multitude of car models, which had only number signature. Is it boring or what? “I am driving my 320i and man it rocks!”

Make it more individual for god’s sake! For example, Nokia L’Amour Collection mobile phones could have been called – Cupid, Fortuna and Venus – now that would have been individualizing! Why stop that world famous Finnish industrial design on physical product level, go deeper and by the look of the 7380 – a faceless number again – some of you will... They could also have some cool Finnish names (or is that cool at all, help me, I'm bit lost with what is cool these days) like Muoti, Onni, Ilo etc. (now you must know how that goes).


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