Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nokia N70 + T-Mobile + Opera

T-Mobile has set up an offering, where stylish Nokia N70 is packaged together with Opera browser. With Opera, UK-user can take Nokia N70 for quick surf into the web, use email and instant messaging. N70 mobile phone happens to have two-megapixel camera, video calling functionality, FM radio and even more stuff. Read the full press release here.
This sounds like Opera is slowly making inroads into being a big Nokia partner. If they manage to convince mobile operators of their usefulness, then they will not have too big a river to cross for making it warm and cozy with Nokia. Nokia is notorious of their lack of excellent Internet browser and they do need to improve their offering on that arena to satisfy user demand.

Opera stands as a strong candidate as they are relatively independent and not in anybody’s camp specifically. Or maybe I should say that as they already have single default browser contracts with Nokia (e.g. Nokia 9210i Communicator), then they might strengthen their foothold with Nokia.


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