Saturday, December 03, 2005

Nokia mobile phone design decliningm

Harry Choi, the head of Samsung’s design, says that Nokia’s mobile phone design has declined from what it was couple of years ago. Choi says that Samsung’s market share in Europe has started to increase because of their new distinguishable mobile phone line.

I must agree with Harry Choi. Recently, I would say, Nokia has been excelling on low-end phones. There you don’t emphasize the design but price and functionality. When your wallet fattens up, you start to pay more attention into personality and uniqueness, therefore factors like price and functionality get a competitor. This mid-section is not in Nokia’s pocket anymore. There is certain staleness in their phones, which are clean and sleek, unable to step out of the Nokia trademark look and feel. Nokia’s L’amour collection is there to fill the gap, but is it too little too late? Oh yeah, one more thing - give those phones names already!
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