Friday, December 09, 2005

Nokia Flagship Stores

Nokia has plans for opening several sales points at world’s shopping capitals. What is interesting in these stores is that they will be located in high-profile locations in world’s major shopping destinations. Complete Nokia products portfolio and access to N-Gage Arena will be showcased at these locations. Today they opened the first Nokia Flagship Store in Moscow, Russia.

To me this looks like extravagant start for Nokia’s goal to improve their channel and customer relations. This way Nokia can create high-end image for their products in selected markets. It is not about sales volume but voyeurism. Soon we will have those paparazzi pictures showing some celebrities walking out from Nokia Store and tabloids will scream – XXXXX $ VERTU BOUGHT BY... Offering outstanding customer service for selected few is an excellent approach to PR. Answer me this – what is N-Gage Arena doing in this palette? Read the complete press release here.


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