Monday, December 05, 2005

Nokia live TV

Anssi Vanjoki, an Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nokia Multimedia, was just a moment ago in live TV here in Finland. He was asked various questions concerning Nokia. Most dominating issue was Nokia’s TV endeavors.

According to Mr. Vanjoki, TV often creates a rhythm for our day, whether it is news or other programs that we watch. Therefore TV becomes important part of our lives. Nokia will try to make its move on mobile TV front and also remain important part of our lives.

What comes to various business models, he just referred to usual suspects – pay TV, ad TV and public TV. It depends on local market structure, which model will be successful. Finland will be the mobile TV test lab for Nokia. Already four operators and media companies have applied for the license to run a mobile TV channel.

When asked, how come Nokia Multimedia has been so profitable, he answered that they have been investing on developing basic infrastructure and technology and these investments have now started to pay back, because mobile market is maturing and so are mobile services.

Interviewer Arto Nyberg asked whether intellectual property is a problem with mobile TV. Mr. Vanjoki brushed aside this question by stating that they are merely trying to enable mobile TV technology. They would not take any liability of actual content. Viruses will remain a problem though, since these mobile TV capable phones are practically small computers with mobile phone feature.

Another guest in the show was Olli Rehn, EU’s Enlargement Officer. When Arto Nyberg pointed out that Nokia’s issues with Turkish mobile phone operator Telsim, could have been discussed while negotiating Turkey’s EU membership – Mr. Rehn agreed that this kind of intellectual and jurisdictional matters have been on agenda. Seems like Nokia is getting some high level backing for their efforts to regain their money from Telsim. Turkey also remains as an important market area for Nokia.

These were the key issues discussed, also some more philosophical and personal matters were discussed like does digitalization destroy history and how does Mr. Vanjoki keep in touch with his family as he has such a busy traveling schedule? Answers? Paper burns and mobile phone...


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