Friday, May 05, 2006

ATI, Nokia and Bitboys

Bitboys has always been a strange bird on graphics frontier. Tiny company in the middle of nowhere, but their products have been ahead of their time. Bitboys was never able to capitalize their expertise in personal computer graphics segment. However, mobile graphics has meant booming times for the company and growth has been rapid. Nokia is the important key in this capitalization as a big and demanding customer. They dragged Bitboys product development into right direction and now leading mobile graphics solutions come from Bitboys. One bump on they way to happiness remains though – capital expenditure.

Nokia doesn’t want to invest capital in their partnerships if somehow possible. This means tough times for their collaborators. They need to carry the risks and find resources, Nokia provides orders but that’s it. Bitboys didn’t have deep enough pockets, and therefore outside investor was needed. Now the support is there, money is abundant and resources adequate. ATI and Nokia will continue, but Bitboys will disappear into history.


Blogger ankur said...

Its an old news now but still its interesting to read about bit boys.

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9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well , bitboys are ahead of their times i agree.

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8:25 AM  

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