Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nokia's mobile TV projections

Nokia estimates that mobile TV will be part of our everyday life by year 2008. Only two years, do you believe that? I still use voice and text services only, and I consider myself as relatively technology friendly. Looks quite optimistic projection to me. Reuters run the original story.

Frank Nuovo leaves Nokia

Various media has been commenting Nuovo's leave from Nokia as some sort of disaster. Just think of it, the guy who raised the company to design greatness, is leaving the company. Jorma Ollila is also leaving, so are other managers. What is going on?

Luckily Nokia has very stable protocols on place. Old managers breed old ideas, it is about time to get new blood into the company and steer away from that traditional Nokia "our phones look like popsicles" design.

Mr. Nuovo is exactly the right person to develop the Vertu brand as there it is not important to create new ideas but to produce elegant beauty, which Mr. Nuovo can create.

Mad Dog Player for Nokia phones

Mad Dog Mobile is a mobile community, where youngsters can interact with each others. Mad Dog Player is the core of the community, it changes your phone into community gateway - chat, play, listen, message, talk... Fun and it can be free if you mange to get your friends using it too.

For now Mad Dog is only running on Nokia mobile phones, but expect it to take on the world like a virus.