Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nokia Intellisync acquisition

Nokia announced that it will buy mobile e-mail software company – Intellisync. Nokia uses its abundant cash reserves for this purchase and investors are going to be pleased as Nokia has more innovative use than just extra dividends.

Nokia hasn’t been shopping around, and company has been almost notorious because of its persistent organic growth. It was possible because on its field, Nokia can set the pace of the industry, hence no need to buy any extra weight. This deal happens on quite different ground than mobile devices. Well, on paper they are buying mobile e-mail solution for various mobile devices, but actually they are buying inroads to different enterprise gateways.

Some companies are running on Windows, some on Linux, some on Solaris, some on Unix, some on Apple... you get the picture. It was a nightmare for Nokia to meet mobility needs of such various operational settings. Now they are able to use Intellisync as a gateway and they don’t have to worry about end user mobile terminals. Nokia is grasping enterprise market with this move – a market where it wasn’t able to introduce Nokia mobile phone as an industry standard.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nokia 770 Tablet defense

Doctor Ari Jaaksi is voicing his support for Nokia 770 Tablet. Doctor Jaaksi is working in Nokia’s Multimedia division so take this defense with a grain of salt. By the way he also claims that maintaining unified software platform was one of the reasons not to include mobile phone feature to Nokia 770.

Siemens challenging Nokia

In another Forbes article, Siemens openly challenges Nokia in China. Siemens is the biggest foreign supporter of Chinese TD-SCDMA standard. Company is relying on the possibility that domestic standard is being chosen and therefore Siemens could leapfrog their competitors in China.

Nokia 770 Tablet problems

Forbes had an article that points to the core problem of the Nokia 770 Tablet. This gadget doesn’t have mobile phone ability. Device battles head on with other digital assistants with no real twist.

I would say that while Forbes points to the right flaw they don’t include the reason behind such product specifications. Nokia wants to keep price under control and Linux platform is not ideal choice for Nokia to include such features. Cramming non-integrated solution for mobility would have increased price of the tablet.

However, Forbes is correct when their analysis points out that even if this sort of tablet would be popular total size of its market segment pales in comparison to average priced and stylish mobile phones.

Nokia White Papers

Just to point you to this page where Nokia is keeping their white papers. One of the latest great articles is called – The Evolution of Workforce Mobility it tells how organizations can be on different levels what comes to their use of mobility as a tool for doing work and business.

Nokia market value rise

This wonderful article was published at Analysis goes hand in hand with Nokia’s market events and share price changes. This article is a good read if you want to have a quick glance on Nokia’s status during the past year.

To blow my own horn, this article lists same reasons that I have been giving, as reasons behind Nokia’s current strength – marketing, design and manufacturing. Being strong on low-end mobile phones, according this analysis, does not mean that Nokia couldn’t be strong on high-end mobile phones. Interesting stuff indeed.

Nokia N90 and Nokia N91 awards

Nokia announced that their N9-series has been honored with “Best of What’s New” Award in Popular Science magazine’s annual top 100 innovations list. These two mobile phones are packed with useful and useless features. N91 is optimized for music and N90 is optimized for pictures, both introduce mobility as a part of the product content – mobile pictures and mobile music – excellent. Nokia has finally found its flagship products. Now we just need them to stores.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nokia 770 is a jackpot

It is all over the blogosphere – Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is a winner. General comments are excellent and complaints are directed to minor flaws that are mostly software based and therefore easy to be fixed.

So strong has been the demand for the product that worries of supply shortages are surfacing. It is like the late 90’s all over again. However, Nokia UK has comforted those who have ordered Nokia 770 and those aspiring to buy one by saying that production has been ramped up and there will not be product shortage. Heart of the machine beats paced by Linux. Perhaps that explains the heated market reaction.

Nokia 8800 stainless steel

It is a tough world out there. Nokia 8800, which is called Nokia 8801 in the States, combats that toughness with solid stainless steel case and refined software heart.

In Russia, luxury items are nowadays extremely important status symbols. This brings us to the following link. Russia has gotten a very special edition of Nokia 8800.

Nokia Qualcomm patent dispute

Qualcomm has some patents that Nokia considers to be essential for mobile phone industry. Nokia has accused Qualcomm of not licensing their patents with fair terms. This is why Nokia has used some solutions that step on Qualcomm’s patents without paying appropriate licensing fees.

Qualcomm is right to complain, but then again, it would be good for the mobile industry in general to have level playing rules. Nobody wants to have one company to control all patents (Lord Of The Patents) but if one is not able to benefit from research and development, then what is the point? At first glance, Qualcomm seems to have a strong case and Nokia will do its best to play time and garner market support. Read more about the story over here.

Nokia open source site

Nokia has started an open source website that keeps track of Nokia’s contributions on open source front. Check it here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nokia market share flipside

Nokia has been able to increase its market share in China and India. Unfortunately Nokia has been loosing market share in USA. Putting together these trends we get stagnated total market share. Nokia’s mobile phone collection really needs some high-end phones that are trendy. U.S. market is still far behind European and Asian markets and brand image and marketing surpass phone technology and functions.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nokia new winds

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is said to be the new broom in town that has put some new wroom into the company. Unfortunately the man is such a long-timer that he strikes as hard as a cold cup of coffee.